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Tiny puppy dumped in bin needs treatment and home

By Bejay Browne

A TINY puppy found dumped in a rubbish bin in Dali by a passer-by is in urgent need of life-saving treatment and a new home, say volunteers at the municipal pound.

The female puppy, which has yet to be named, is currently at a vet’s undergoing treatment for Parvo, a life threatening virus, if she pulls through she will then need an operation to correct a hernia. She will then be ready to go to a new home.

According to Stalo Papantoniou, a volunteer at the pound, the tiny puppy is no more than four weeks old and is very friendly.

“She is absolutely adorable and we are hoping that we caught her problems early so that she will survive. But it’s difficult with puppies, they are so fragile and their health can change from day to day,” she told the Cyprus Mail.

She added that a local Cypriot woman had discovered the puppy and was distraught and shocked by her find.

Papantoniou said that she tries not to get attached to the puppies just in case they don’t pull through. However, she invited name suggestions for this female puppy in the hope that she will be in better health by Monday.

“We should know by the beginning of next week if she will survive and then we will have to plan her surgery to fix her hernia.”

The volunteer is also appealing to the public to help raise the necessary funds to cover the dog’s treatment.

Like Billy, a stray poodle, who died on July 4th last year after being thrown alive into a cardboard crusher by two hotel workers in Protoras, this tiny animal was found discarded like a piece of rubbish in a bin, she said.

Billy’s death led to calls for better animal welfare in Cyprus and Kyriacos Kyriacou, chairman of the Cyprus Animal Party announced that following a recent meeting with President Nicos Anastasiades, it has been decided to create an organisation for the welfare and protection of animals.

This would aid the many services and departments dealing with animal welfare that do not consult one another, he noted.

Papantoniou said this is the first time this year, a puppy has been discovered in a dustbin in the area covered by the pound.

“There may be others which have suffered this fate, but we are now aware of it,” she said, noting that most are dumped outside the pound in cardboard boxes, or otherwise abandoned in fields.

“Last week someone walking by the river spotted a litter of five extremely small puppies which has been abandoned, sadly two passed away as they were dehydrated and exhausted, we have three left and are hoping to re-home them,” she said.

The volunteer said that there are many other homeless puppies and dogs in urgent need of loving homes.

“We have forty at the pound and another eighty or so are housed in other kennels in the area where we are renting space. If we didn’t do this, the space we have would be overcrowded and we try very hard not to put any animal to sleep.”


The problem with dumping dogs is getting worse, she noted, as many owner are irresponsible; they don’t neuter their dogs and they think they have to be useful in some way, either as hunting or guard dogs, she said.

“This is why we have so many unwanted pointers and beagles. Many Cypriots expect their dogs to know how to behave and if they don’t they get dumped. These owners don’t understand they have to train these animals and they don’t go to the trouble of trying to teach them, they have no patience.”

Although Papantoniou said that bringing puppies to the pound is far better than either dumping or killing them, it’s not an ideal solution, as there is danger presented by diseases, which puppies are susceptible to.

“No matter how much we clean or disinfect there are some viruses which we can’t kill. It’s like taking a baby to a hospital which is full of disease and expecting it to be a nice place for them to grow up in, it’s not.”

If you would like to make a donation to help this puppy survive contact: Stalo Papantoniou- 99 548 265

The Dali Municipal Pound  Dali, Nicosia

Email : [email protected]


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