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Fights increasingly common in area of murder

By Andria Kades

In light of the three fatal stabbings in Limassol’s busy Anexartisias street on Tuesday evening, people who live and work in the area are calling for greater police presence as they fear for their safety.

The spot, packed with cafes, restaurants and bars, is popular but fights have become increasingly common, locals say.

“There are fights all the time here. That’s probably why we never realised there was a murder, we hear shouts so often that nothing sounds strange to us,” said Kyriaki Menelaou who works extremely close to where the bodies of the three young men were found.

The dead were two siblings, Parasxos and Constantinos Ntorzis, 19 and 21, and Aimilios Miltiadous, their sister’s partner. A 31-year-old man Christakis Thoma has been remanded in connection with their deaths.

Only a few days before the murder, two teenage girls got into a serious fist fight, pulling each other’s hair and punching each other in broad daylight right in the centre of Anexartisias, one resident said.

Although one is now sporting a broken nose, the two girls are friends again indicating how casual the fight scene around there is.

Louiza Kyriakou, who works at a small store in Anexartisias said employees around have wanted police patrols for ages.

The Limassol central police station is no more than a maximum 10 minute walk from the centre of Anexartisias.

“We want police patrols, at least one to roam around the area. Look at what happens here. It’s not just that murder,” said Kyriakou.

One woman who lives directly above the parking spot where two of the bodies were found didn’t even realise what was going on – again because she miscalculated it for the usual sounds heard in the vicinity.

feature street - the parking spot where the bodies were found

“I didn’t hear a thing. Absolutely nothing at all. At one point I heard sirens, but even then I didn’t think much of it because that’s normal too,” said another woman, Marianna Nicolaou, who lives across from where the murder took place said.

Despite the murders, cafés later in the week remained as packed as ever.

“The people that hang out here don’t care about this stuff. They’ll come here no matter what,” a cafe employee told the Sunday Mail.

Police say they have not received an official request for increased patrols and police are already on the streets as part of increased security in the wake of the Paris attacks.

This however does not quell the concerns of some people that live and work nearby.

“I’m too scared to leave my house anymore,” Maria Theodoulou said.

Others however, mostly the young don’t seem to care in the least.

“Look this (murder) was one really horrible case. Yes there are fights here every now and then but no one’s life is at risk. If there is a scuffle it’s usually between a couple of people and it’s over really soon. Gone and forgotten,” said Markos Stavrou, who works nearby.

This sentiment is shared by a lot of people his age – mostly those in their late teens and early twenties.

“No one cares here. Even if there’s a fight a lot of people won’t bat an eyelid,” one nearby employee said on condition of anonymity.

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