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Murderer ‘kissed hand of victims’ mother’

Christakis Thoma being taken to court

By Andria Kades

Thirty one year-old Christakis Thoma, who confessed to killing two brothers and another man in Limassol last week, kissed the hand of the siblings’ mother in tears shortly after the murder, it emerged on Tuesday.

Parashos and Constandinos Ntorzis, 19 and 21, as well as Aimilios Miltiadous, 24 were stabbed to death a total of 13 times on November 24 at around 7:30pm close to busy Anexartisias street after an argument at nearby square Platia Iroon.

The cause of the fight was over a woman, the girlfriend of Thoma, who has been on an eight day remand since Friday. After going into hiding, Thoma was found on Thursday when he told officers he hadn’t meant to kill the men and was blinded with rage at the time.

On Tuesday, brother of the Ntorzis siblings, Giannis spoke to Livenews in an exclusive interview giving his version of the story.

A few days prior to the killing, Thoma’s girlfriend sent Constandinos a friend request on Facebook. They began chatting and a few days later Giannis also received a friend request from the female, which he accepted.

She then apparently began commenting on pictures of Giannis and Constandinos calling them ‘loves’ and ‘beauties’ and shortly afterwards, Giannis alleges Thoma sent him a Facebook message calling on him to “cut it out” with the girl.

Although he ignored the messages, Thoma then began to threaten Constandinos, calling him on the phone.

A third party then intervened and the matter was closed, he told Livenews.

However, Thoma then sent a Facebook friend request to Parashos’ girlfriend which she ignored. He then messaged her online telling her “I’ll f*** you, I’ll do you, I’ll get you,” Giannis claimed.

“Parashos then saw the messages. As soon as he saw them his eyes clouded. He went to Aimilios (Miltiadous) in the afternoon telling him what happened,” and asking him to take him to Lokatzis tavern, where Thoma worked.

After finishing work, Miltiadous picked up both victims from their home and they headed off to the small tavern that Thoma’s father owns.

Beginning to describe the chilling details, Giannis told Livenews that as the fight ensued the Ntorzis’ mother called Constandinos.

“He wouldn’t answer. She’d ring again and again and he wouldn’t answer. At one point he picked up and told her ‘they’re butchering him’. At the ‘they’re butchering him’ the line went dead.”

He is believed to have been referring to his younger brother Parashos who was stabbed first.

“My mum kept calling and calling but my mum knew where they were.”

The mother called on a family member to take her to the tavern as her husband and other son were at work. In the meantime however she continued to call “and the murderer answered”.

Thoma, having picked up Constandinos’ phone, told the mother to “come pick up the phone because he left it here (Lokatzis Tavern.)”

“My mum went, got in the shop normally, he gave her the mobile, kissed her hand and told her ‘I don’t know what I did to them, I beat them black and blue.’”

At this point of the interview Giannis can be clearly heard drawing his breath with his voice beginning to shake. Outlining that his mother then asked Thoma where her sons were his response was apparently “I don’t know I beat them black and blue.”

“While he kissed her hand, he was crying, and mother was clueless as to what happened”.

She then saw him getting in a car with someone else and drive off.

“My mum went home normally and saw lots of police arriving but she didn’t think it was about her kids,” Giannis said.

Hearing from neighbours that something happened to the Ntorzis and initially hearing that her sons were injured she went to the hospital where no one told the mother her sons were dead.

In the interview, Giannis said no one from the family had given any statements and he was the first to speak out.

Parashos leaves behind a three-year-old child. “That baby that was left behind is our strength,” Giannis said.

Thoma also has two young children that are reportedly now in the hands of the social services as their mother has long abandoned them.

Once Thoma was arrested, Ntorzis’ mother then headed to the Limassol police headquarters to see him.

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