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Ramifications of the crazy thinking from our media analysts

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrovs decision not to meet Mustafa Akinci was apparently a slap in the face for our president

By Loucas Charalambous

ONE OF THE main factors that led Cyprus to its current political predicament is that the news media never played the role they should have, objectively informing people about what was happening and keeping the authorities under close scrutiny. On the contrary, dumbing down, misinformation and the calculated misleading of the public are the key features of their activities.

It is no coincidence that in 2004 the media led Greek Cypriot society to vote for partition, the continued presence of the Turkish army in Cyprus and against the return of Famagusta, Morphou and some 50 big and small villages. And because I always like to back what I say with examples I will give one that illustrates the pitifully poor standard of our news media.

Last Sunday, Sigma TV – the most fanatical mouthpiece of rejectionism – on its news show had as a guest its regular ‘political analyst’ giving his views about developments after the downing of the Russian fighter plane by Turkey. Here is an excerpt of his impressive analysis:

“Turkish policy had two main objectives: The first objective was the fall of Assad so it would have, after the US, a leading role to play in Syria. The second objective was, at the present phase, to enter Syria, create a so-called security zone to prevent – take note – American policy from placing a second stiletto in her back, that is create a Kurdish zone in Syria.”

The perplexed presenter asked, “Well, now can Turkey do this?” The so-called analyst replied: “Exactly. The US, which supported this Kurdish zone, allowed Russia to start the bombings and in this way the dirty game that favoured the US was done by Russia. Simultaneously though, in order to strike at the trustworthiness of the Americans, the Russians allowed the Turks to down the Russian fighter.”

“I see,” remarked the show’s impressed presenter, unable to hide his admiration for his guest’s devastating and revealing analysis of events.

I hope, dear readers you have understood what this ‘dirty game’, identified by the psychic abilities of this astute analyst, actually was. The Americans, he said, because they wanted to place another stiletto in the back of their ally Turkey, made the Russians bomb the area close to the Syria-Turkish borders to prevent Turkey from entering Syria. And then the Russians, in order to deal a blow at US trustworthiness allowed the Turks to down a Russian plane.

As I, the fool, did not understand what the man was saying, I am considering proposing to Sigma to send its analyst to a lunatic asylum with orders to repeat his theory there. Perhaps one of the inmates would be able to understand what he was talking about and kindly explain it to me as well.

The display of the analyst’s wisdom was not restricted to his comments on the war in Syria. He also gave his view on why Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov decided not to visit Mustafa Akinci in his office in the north. The decision, he said, was a slap in the face of the governments of Anastasiades and Christofias. He then elaborated:

“If the Cyprus problem was solved based on the Annan plan, what would have been our decision in the case of the Russia-Turkish crisis? Would we have taken a position in favour of Russia or Turkey? If Turkey called Akinci and told him that at the EU summit, “this is our position”, what would happen? I say there would be very strong possibilities for the state to explode. This is food for thought.”

This, I understood and had no need of a mental hospital patient to explain it to me. We must not solve the Cyprus problem because who knows? Turkey may again down a Russian plane, in which case there may be an EU summit to discuss it and Turkey would call Akinci and dictate Cyprus’ position to him, in which case the state might be dissolved because the Greek Cypriots would disagree with it.

As we know, it would be 700,000 crazy Cypriots that get to decide whether the EU backs Turkey or Russia when one downs a plane belonging to the other.

If there is one thing I have really understood from all this it is that with news media of such a pitiful standard and with such bright analysts influencing public opinion, the ultra-smart Cypriots will always vote in favour of partition, in order to avert the dissolution of our lunatic state.

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