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Theocharous, Sizopoulos want to prevent a bad settlement

Eleni Theocharous

By Angelos Anastasiou

EDEK chairman Marinos Sizopoulos and leader of the Solidarity movement Eleni Theocharous voiced their shared goal of preventing a bad solution to the Cyprus problem, following a meeting on Friday.

Theocharous, who has engaged in dialogue with opposition parties after leaving ruling DISY last month, was re-elected to the European Parliament last year on DISY’s ticket.

She said she had a “valuable exchange of views” with Sizopoulos, whom she described as an “old friend and fellow fighter”.

“We have agreed that it is imperative that we react, in order to create the rift and upset that will prevent our people from being imposed a bad solution to the Cyprus problem, which may even pass through referenda because it will have been presented in the guise of the acquis communautaire and human rights,” Theocharous said.

“We are convinced that we must fight in every way, so that the solution fulfils the prescribed safeguarding of human rights and the acquis communautaire for every European citizen, for which the Cypriot people have been fighting and making sacrifices for years.”

They would welcome and support such a solution with all their strength, to ensure its success, she added.

EDEK’s leader said that the most importance convergence at the meeting was that both will do everything in their power for a democratic, functional, and viable solution to the Cyprus problem, which will “secure the physical and national survival of Cypriot Hellenism, while safeguarding the political and human rights of all legal citizens of Cyprus across the entire state, without exceptions.”

Sizopoulos said they would fight with all their strength to prevent any solution that did not not secure and safeguard these demands, promoting instead a confederate solution — which has been Turkey’s goal for decades — or gave Turkey direct or indirect guardian powers over the Cypriot state.

Asked whether the meeting was simply an exchange of views on the Cyprus problem, or whether the possibility of electoral co-operation was discussed, Theocharous said the only co-operation they are concerned with at this time regards their “concern over the future of our country and upcoming cataclysmic developments, which could come at any moment without prior warning”.

“I take [President of the European Commission] Jean-Claude Juncker’s speech from the floor of the European Parliament, that the solution of the Cyprus problem will come in the first half of 2016, very seriously,” Theocharous said.

“It is not a remark that we can afford to ignore, nor are the Turks’ remarks bluffs. The Turks always tell us the truth, and what is really happening.”

That is what their concerns were based on, she added.

“The lack of information on what is really going on at the talks and the contradictory information, do not allow any sane citizen of this country to think ahead, without first thinking about how to deal with what will come first,” Theocharous argued.

“If it is good we should welcome it; if it is bad, we should deal with it. That’s why we didn’t feel it was proper to discuss elections, or anything else.”

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