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Snakes hold up traffic in territory battle

Motorists on the road to Pyrgos Tylliria on the west of the island were treated to the spectacle of two large black snakes slugging it out apparently over territory, in the middle of the road for around ten minutes on Saturday.

A video was taken by one driver, George Christodoulou, who submitted it to ANT 1 television station.

Christodoulou told the channel; “They danced in a very strange way for some time. What also struck me was the consciousness of drivers who stopped without causing any danger to the snakes.”

A veterinarian, Harris Petevinos, told the station that though it might have appeared like a mating ritual, it was more likely a battle over territory between two males.

Black snakes, though not poisonous, can reach a length of three metres, the TV report said. They are usually found at higher altitudes and their diet consists of small mammals, birds, lizards and even other snakes. The snake is seen as beneficial to farmers as it consumes rodents.

If cornered, the black snake will bite and though it’s not dangerous it could be painful.

The ANT1 video can be found here:

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