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What is it like to be a being?

By Maria Gregoriou

The.Yard.Residency.15 (an artistic movement in Limassol) will be closing its performances for 2015 on Friday and Saturday with a video installation under the name [email protected]

The performance is a visual comment, where image and sound will carry the memory and life of four immigrants that live and work in Cyprus. The framework of how Cypriots behave in society will be brought to the foreground through the reactions and the speech of a child, who will be acting out these thoughts on stage, while also inspiring the audience to contemplate the contemporary image of the Other.

The performance negotiates subjects such as Place, Displacement and Memory. According to the German philosopher Martin Heidegger, the human Being is part of the place; it’s been defined from it and revolts through it.

In can also be said that because we are mortals, we are always on a search of his Being, of his essence and therefore of his home-place-country. Having this theory as a reference, what happens with the displacement of a human? How can he adjust in his new environment and what does this mean for his Being. Such questions will be tackled head on during the video installation performance directed by Constantina Peter and performed by Alexia Leonida.

[email protected]
Video installation exhibition together with a performance by Alexia Leonida. December 18-19. Old Vinegar House, Limassol. 8.30pm-9.30pm. €5. Tel: 99-985232

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