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Restaurant review: Wagamama, Limassol

By Stephanie Robb

The Limassol Marina boasts a large array of restaurants guaranteed to fulfill any dining need that may come up and one of the prime dining spots at the marina is the Japanese Wagamama, which also boasts one of the best locations in the marina, offering amazing views overlooking the water.

The Asian infused restaurant can be found in a variety of locations around the island but Limassol Marina must be the best as far as location and décor are concerned. The colour that permeates is the golden brown of the wooden furniture, giving it a cozy feeling, especially on those cold winter nights. It is accompanied by warm lighting that is just enough to enhance the air of effortless comfort. Paired with a mostly friendly staff, willing to treat their customers with eagerness and a polite smile, it all adds up to a promising dining experience.

As far as the menu is concerned, being an Asian restaurant, it caters little for any other tastes or flavours, and why would it? But there is such variety that even if you aren’t the biggest fan of Asian cuisine, there is almost certainly something in there for you as well. One of the best ways to start a meal, especially for seafood lovers, is with the epikatsu; fried, breaded prawns. As soon as the dish hit our tables the simplicity of it had us drooling, as the prawns were sprawled on a dish with a dash of chili and garlic sauce in the centre. Despite the simple presentation, the prawns were delicious. The fried breadcrumb ensured a soft inside and the chili and garlic sauce provided each bite with a much needed zing of flavour.

When it comes to Asian cuisine, I always find it hard to stay away from the spicy dishes, as in my mind they work well together, and at Wagamama there is a dish that always tickles my taste buds. The dish’s taste is encapsulated by its name, The Firecracker. And that is exactly the effect t has on the person eating it, it has pops of spiciness imbued with a juicy flavour. It is a chicken stir-fry marinated in a hot sauce that almost has touches of sweetness to it. The chicken is cooked to perfection, tender and full of flavour, allowing you to discern the taste of every little ingredient that makes up the dish; the mange tout, the red hot chilies, the red and green peppers, the spring and white onions and that delightfully spicy hot sauce. And the ball of rice that tops off the meal provides the dish with a neutral reprieve from its spicy contents.

Not quite spicy enough? The Chili Beef Ramen Noodles are just the thing. The dish, served in a bowl, tidily presents all its ingredients making it pleasing to the eye and its spicy smell makes your eyes water all at once. Made with noodles in a spicy chicken soup topped with beef steak, medium is the way to go here, red and spring onions, beansprouts and chilies are all topped off with coriander and lime. The combination of everything sounds intriguing but it is certainly pleasing.

However, there was a slight damper on the meal in one respect. Being a Japanese restaurant I immediately grabbed a taste of the some of the sushi dishes as well. Good sushi is hard to come by in Cyprus and unfortunately on the night I visited Wagamama the sushi was below par.

Other than that, Wagamama is a prime dining spot in Limassol as it boasts good food, good service, prices that don’t break the bank and an unmatched location. Don’t forget to reserve a table though to avoid a long wait, as there are times that the restaurant gets quite busy.

Vital Statistics
SPECIALTY Asian cuisine
PRICE €15-20 per person
WHERE Limassol marina
CONTACT: 25 051299

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