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Story-telling performed

By Maria Gregoriou

There is something about telling stories at Christmas. At this time of year the hope, the fears, the love that many stories have embedded within them just seem to take on a whole new dimension.

Two plays that are ready to take us there are Fairytaleheart, which will be playing until Wednesday in Limassol before moving to Nicosia, and In the Solitude of the Cotton Fields which will be performed in Nicosia until December 29.

Fairytaleheart by Philip Ridley is more fitting for teenagers, as it tells the story of two 15-year-olds who are dealing with family rupture and homelessness but who, together, find a way to escape reality.

Kirsty has to watch her father get engaged to another woman two years after her mother’s death. As she is still grieving and nowhere near ready to have a new mother, she flees her own birthday party and sits alone in the community centre – a place her mother used to call her very own kingdom.

There she meets Gideon, a scruffy boy who is the complete opposite of pretty and popular Kirsty.

The two leave the troubles of the real world behind by using the magic of storytelling to enter the enchanted world of Karamazoo and searching for the luminous butterfly. In the end they realise that the butterfly is within themselves, and they are the ones who can see their problems in a new light and therefore deal with them.

More fitting for adults is the play In the Solitude of the Cotton Fields that will be playing in Nicosia until December 29.

The play forms part of the Nicosia Pop Up Festival which has really taken some unique twists and turns this year as the festival is filling up City Plaza with dance performances, people dressed up in festive clothes, a giant piano that you play with your feet and theatre performances like this one performed by the theatre group Solo for Three.

In the Solitude of the Cotton Fields is by French playwright Bernard-Marie Koltes for two actors.

The two actors play a dealer and a client, the first has something to sell – but we are not sure what – and the second man’s needs are defined by what the other has to offer.

What starts as a negotiation takes on the form of a thrilling cat-and-mouse game of desire and rejection, power and humiliation as the two men argue over the details of a deal that will never be struck.

Performance of the play by Philip Ridley. Until 23. B Municipal Market (Theatro Ena), Limassol. 8.30pm. €10. In Greek. Tel: 96-210985
January 4 until February 2. Theatro Dentro, 1 Digenis Akritas Avenue, Nicosia. 8.30pm. €10. In Greek. Tel: 96-210985

In the Solitude of the Cotton Fields
Performance of the play by Bernard-Marie Koltes. Until December 29. City Plaza, Nicosia. 8.30pm. €12. In Greek. Tel: 99-544934

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