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Previous attempt to murder Tasos Georgiou had failed

Tasos Georgiou

By Andria Kades

An attempt to murder Tasos Georgiou, 23, had taken place some three weeks before he was fatally shot, it emerged on Wednesday.

The victim’s father, after the funeral on Tuesday, spoke to Phileleftheros and said his son confessed to him that some 20 days ago, as Georgiou was driving in Strovolos, another car with two people carrying guns blocked his path on Stavrou Avenue.

Georgiou saw them get out of the car and head his way but he quickly reversed and drove away, the father said.  As he manoeuvred his car the suspects were unable to shoot at him in what the father estimates was due to the fact it was broad daylight and they would have been seen.

The local police station was informed that Georgiou was being followed and the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) was told. The Cyprus Mail has learned that Georgiou was called twice to give an official statement to police about the incident but he had not gone to do so.

According to the newspaper report, the father claims his son was a huge football fan but the problems stemmed from his work where he was employed as a security guard at a night club.  Police have said he had no licence to do so.

Georgiou’s father claims the job got him involved in gangs and the underworld and after he changed allegiance from one faction to another, this brought about a whole host of problems that resulted in Georgiou’s murder in the early hours of Monday.

Police are still on the hunt for the suspects and have secured a court order to investigate Georgiou’s phone data. As of yet no connection has been made to the car explosion at 2:30am in Lakatamia of a 37-year-old’s vehicle who was “in the same field of work” as Georgiou, also without a licence.

The victim who was at his friend’s flat in Strovolos at around midnight on Sunday, left at 2am and returned some 45 minutes later.  After he emerged again at 4am, he was shot 11 times, with nine bullets lodging in his body.

He was the fourth of five children and was also engaged.


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