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A minute with Yiannis Kokkinos Actor


Where do you live?
Larnaca with my wife Stalo

Best childhood memory?
Snowed in my village, basically a summer resort located five kilometers from the beach. Magical moment. Unforgettable night.

Most frequented restaurant and absolute favourite dish? What food would you really turn your nose up to?
Sieradiko turned up to be my favourite restaurant/tavern lately. Small family business. Very friendly place. Cozy atmosphere and relaxed environment. I enjoy the meze they offer. I can’t stand liver, no matter how it is cooked!!

What did you have for breakfast?
Boiled eggs, fresh orange juice

Would you class yourself as a day or night person? What’s your idea of the perfect night/day out?
I wouldn’t class me, as I enjoy both. Even though as the time passes I become more of a day person, I still do enjoy some nights out. Drinks and chatting with friends. Perfect combo out. Hot sunny day, swimming, drinking beers at the beach bar, followed by fish meze lunch, taking a break, showering and getting a nap. Getting dressed and the night is all mine. Reunite with the company I enjoyed the day and… dinner, music, chatting and more drinks.

Best book ever read?
Among a couple of others Nick Hornby’s Long Way Down. Outstanding, depressed, suicidal characters, beautifully written.

Favourite film of all time?
I could name a few I have on my list but since you ask for one City of God. “The film blends superb location photography, a pacey but nicely elastic editing style, an ingenious, imaginative approach to narrative, and expertly choreographed action to document the way petty crime and petty rivalries spiral out of control to plunge the neighborhood into murderous gang wars. And the performances, many from non-pros, are terrific…” Time Out US.

Best holiday ever taken? What’s your dream trip?
I took an unforgettable 3-day trip in Perhentian (“place to stop”) islands, northeastern coast, Malaysia. They have an unspoiled charm. The islands remain relatively untouched and apart from footpaths that cut through the jungle, there are no roads on the islands. The only way to get around is by walking through the jungle or taking a sea taxi. Wildlife is superb. I encountered a huge monitor lizard, an iguana and monkeys. Waters are crystal clear and you are offered great diving and excellent snorkeling.

What music are you listening to in the car at the moment?
Coldplay. Favourite band

What is always in your fridge?
Water and yogurt

Dream house: rural retreat or urban dwelling? Where would it be, what would it be like?
Urban dwelling. By the sea. Preferably in Larnaca. Less than 200m2. Made out of wood and glass. Love those two elements due to the coziness and the sunlight they offer, respectively. Fireplace. Minimum decoration. An office, a 20 person movie-room with a projector and a playroom. Definitely sauna and probably a swimming pool.

If you could pick anyone at all (alive or dead) to go out for the evening with, who would it be?
Albert Einstein, because he is Einstein for god’s sake. He is a genius and has humour – best virtues a human can have. Love his famous “tongue photo” (hangs his tongue out).
Then… they used to know each other very well L. Stasberg, S. Adler, S. Meisner. They are all geniuses when it comes to acting. They pioneered methods on approaching a character. They have trained generations of actors. I would have definitely had THE NIGHT OUT! I wouldn’t be bored even for a single millisecond.

If the world is ending in 24 hours what would you do?
I would make sure that my daughter – to be born on May – would come out today to spend the first and last day of my existence with her and her mom.

What is your greatest fear?
The loss of a loved one

Tell me a joke…
Q: Why is air a lot like sex?
A: Because it’s no big deal unless you’re not getting any.

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