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A good story, or a few

By Maria Gregoriou

We all love a good story, especially in the winter months when the weather itself seems to play a kind of part in any tale we choose to spin. So with the month being just right and the cold being just perfect for us to venture out and find a story to inspire us, here are a few theatrical performances set to let our minds set sail to an imaginary land.
Tomorrow Satiriko theatre in Nicosia will present its premier of the play Flandro by Pantelis Horn and directed by Neoclis Neocleous.

Flandro, an aristocratic widow with two daughers from different marriages, is all about passion. All three women are interested in a young man and Flandro has a plan to keep him near her: she will offer him the hand of her eldest daugher in marriage. This will not only keep him where she wants him, but away from her youngest daugher, who she envies. But the plan has complex consequences and the mother – finding herself with no way out – has to choose an extreme and painful solution.

The play, in Greek, will run until March.

On Sunday the performance for one person, Skin by Lia Haraki, will be performed at The Performance Shop in Limassol. There will be a performance every 40 minutes from 10am until 2pm.

During any of these 30-minute performances, you will view a person – someone from the audience – enter a journey of listening and sensing while being blindfolded.

The use of the blindfold enables the whole body to receive information, mostly through touch and sound. This triggers a heightened sense of sensation and emotion. During a performance one audience member has the chance to come into contact with their vulnerable and sensitive self, and perhaps they may learn something new about themselves.

The thee performers who are part of the performance are never seen or announced, allowing the work to be perceived by the spectator in a way that only his or her imagination can conceive.

There are also some stories to be told to children, as The Little Worry People Art and Drama Studio in Nicosia will be performing Shall I Tell You a Secret?

The story behind the performance will teach children not to bully other children, as its protagonist – a little girl – treats everybody badly until she receives sudden visitors one night. By the time the night is over, she understands right from wrong and is a completely different little girl after learning about a certain secret.

Actors Andrei Krupa and Nicoletta Christoforou will be using hand-made theatrical masks.

Also still playing at the THOK new building in Nicosia is I, The Prince, a story about fairy-tales and how they can fuse together to create a whole new fairytale.

The play is set in a world where everything is beautiful, there are fantastic colours all around, and songs are sung and dances are, well, danced. But all is not well in this land as the prince is having some existential issues.

So he shares his problems with Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, but the question is, can they help him?

The play for children will be performed on Sunday at 10.30am.

Performance of the play by Pantelis Horn. January 23 until March 6. Satiriko Theatre, Nicosia. 8.30pm. In Greek. Tel: 22-312940

Performance of a one person, blind folded person. January 24. The Performance Shop, Saripolou 14, Limassol. A performance every 40 minutes from 10am to 2pm. €20. Tel: 99-261838

Shall I Tell You a Secret?
A performance for children. January 24 until May 22. The Little Worry People Art and Drama Studio, 2 Orfeos Street, Makedonitissa, Nicosia. 11am. €5. In Greek. Tel: 99-415511

I, The Prince
Performance of the play for children. January 24. THOK new building, Nicosia. 10.30am. In Greek with English and Turkish subtitles. Tel: 22-864300

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