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EKO Tip: Drive safely no matter what the weather!

Rain, fog, snow and generally bad weather conditions make driving more difficult and increase the risks on the road. Hence, three simple tips can lead to safe driving in difficult weather conditions.

1. Car checking

Checking properly your car or motorcycle is important no matter what the weather conditions are. However, if the weather is bad, preparing your car for winter is even more important.

To begin with, check and ensure that tires are in good condition and have the right pressure.

If it rains, visibility depends on the wipers so it is important that they do function properly and that there is anti-freeze and water in the windscreen water tank.

Also, make sure you know how the fog lights work.

2. Have basic equipment in the car

If the weather is bad patience is a must but we have to also be equipped with basic equipment that will allow us to cope with whatever comes up. Specifically, in the case of snowfall we must not only have antiskid chains but also know how to fit them on the vehicle.

No matter what the weather, you should always have a flashlight, warning triangles, a spare tire, first aid kit and battery jump-start cables in the car.

3. Adjust your driving according to the weather conditions

Maintain a safe gap behind the vehicle in front

  1. Always keep in mind that rain creates puddles which could hide surprises, that’s why the necessary attention is required.
  2. Do not overtake unless necessary, since rain sprays while overtaking reduce visibility.
  3. When driving on wet roads or when there is snow on both sides of the mountainous road you are on, stick to second or third gear so as to have better control of the car. If the road is slippery avoid harsh braking, you should rather firstly lower speed (from third to second gear, for example) and then brake gradually.

Before a long trip, you could stop at the nearest EKO station where our experienced staff can help you with all necessary car checks.

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