Cyprus Mail

Game service warns people to keep distance from flamingos

Bothering flamingos – or any wild birds – and accessing Larnaca’s salt lake is illegal, the game and fauna service warned on Tuesday.

In light of photo competitions for best flamingo shot, people have begun to come too close to the birds, sometimes entering the Salt Lake itself disrupting and possibly frightening the birds.

The same applies to drones, which are a terrible nuisance to the flamingos, the service said.

A wild and threatened species of birds, flamingos flock to Cyprus in huge numbers when the weather conditions are suitable in a bid to spend winter here and feed before they continue their journey to their nesting areas mainly Turkey, Italy, France and Spain.

If the birds are bothered, and people are uncontrollably entering protected areas – particularly within the Salt Lake – then not only may the birds leave but they also might be unable to garner the necessary energy they need for the rest of the journey.

Thus people should admire the flamingos from afar without bothering them.


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