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Stop the charade

Like all others, I have been watching carefully the ongoing “negotiations” to reunite the island and all I can say: Stop the charade.

Listening to President Anastasiades’ speech to parliament confirmed my fears that a BBF (Bi-zonal, Bi-communal Federation) would NOT work but create instead, a maze of irreconcilable complexities political and socially for all Cypriots. Meanwhile, Erdogan had ordered Mr Akinci “not to retreat” even one step from Ankara’s instructions and Morphou is non-negotiable. He also insists – red lines – on maintaining Turkish troops on the island for the “protection” of the TC minority. Thousands of illegal settlers would also be accepted as “new Cypriot citizens” of the TC Component State of northern Cyprus with full EU privileges – manna from heaven for some.

A very dangerous game is in process and once a BBF is signed it would be irreversible and fatal for Cyprus demographically; ethnic cleansing of a 3,000-year-old Hellenism on the island would be set in motion. Is our generation willing to sign a pseudo-solution to destroy the Republic of Cyprus and Cypriot multiculturalism for political convenience? That is the question. I would certainly not be a part of that game.

Andreas C Chrysafis, Paphos

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