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Restaurant review: Dionysus Mansion, Limassol

The great thing about Limassol is that new and exciting restaurants keep cropping up. One that has recently made a splash is Dionysus Mansion, serving high class, original and great food. Being the brain child of Guaba owners, it goes without saying that your night here is more about being an experience rather than just a dinner. Thinking outside the box is the magic recipe that is missing from most restaurants, and Dionysus has created its own box.

The restaurant is located within the heart of the city, in a traditional mansion, thus successfully merging the flair of the old and the new in one package. The décor is modern, warm and elegant. Within minutes of entering you are overtaken by this wave of warmth. The restaurant is separated into sections, you have the high tables encompassing the bar and kitchen area, where quite enjoyably the kitchen is on full view. Then there is the main dining area with rope ornaments and chandeliers adorning the ceiling but the highlight, reserved especially for large dinner parties, is the semi-private dining table in a room of its own. From just walking in I was sold.

Another impressive thing worth mentioning is the impeccable service. Time and time again new restaurants are understaffed or have inexperienced waiters, but this is not the case for Dionysus. The staff are polite, professional, attentive and fully meet any expectations even the fussiest of customers might have.

Yet the highlight of this restaurant is, of course, its food. It is traditional food with a gourmet twist! The menu, upon examination, had me in the best dilemma of all, what to order? It is always a great day when you find a dinner menu that excites. We started our dinner with a salad made with crispy rocket leaves, halloumi tempura, cherry tomatoes, roasted sesame seeds and topped with carob honey and apple vinegar sauce. The dish was served simply, going back to the traditional feel of the restaurant, and looked and tasted absolutely amazing.

One of the starter highlights were the zucchini croquettes, flavoured with feta cheese and spring onion and served with light sour cream.

This may sound simple but when three very large croquettes arrived on the table we were all excited and couldn’t wait to dig in. The combination of the zucchini and feta fried in a ball of flavour put a definite smile on my face. It was the best start to a meal that anyone could ever ask for. And the portions were so large that one person would find it difficult to have those and a main course.

Things kept getting better with the arrival of the main course. All dishes have their roots firmly placed in traditional Cypriot cuisine.

There is a selection of lamb, pork, chicken and fish so there is definitely something for everyone. The best thing of course, especially to those who rarely taste the pleasures of Cypriot cuisine, is the Kleftiko, which is slow cooked lamb served with oven potatoes. The lamb was cooked to perfection, melting in the mouth with every bite. If you are more of a fish person, the salmon is a pleasing choice. Cooked, not grilled, the salmon retains its flavour and an unbeatable tenderness. Served with dill and mustard sauce and seasonal vegetables, this dish has a different burst of flavour with every bite. The presentation of all dishes is simple, with a gourmet twist, adding to the excitement and the portions are more than appetizing even to the most demanding customers.

Dionysus also serves lunch with a different lunch options during the week.
All in all, Dionysus is one of those restaurants that is here to stay. It serves up a one-of-a-kind experience that has to be tried.

SPECIALTY Cyprus cuisine
PRICE: €20-30 per person
WHERE Dionysus Mansion, 16th June Street, Limassol
CONTACT 25 222210

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