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It’s all rock and roll

Today’s suggestion for your nightlife adventures doesn’t actually take place until next Friday, but you’ll need all the time we’re giving you to figure out what to wear. No, it is not a posh gig where you have to pick out your best frock, it’s a carnival party and the theme is rock stars and fashion icons.

Come on, admit it, you’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to rock with the best of them, and now – in a way – is your chance.

On March 4 at Industry Bar in Limassol join the Fashion Victims Carnival Limassol 2016 community as they put on a great party where you can dance like it’s 1999.

Has the mind started to boggle over which rock star or fashion icon to dress up as? Well here are a few ideas. What about a big afro and some cool piercings when you go as Lenny Kravitz? Not rock enough for you, then how about Axl Rose? Surely you can’t get any more rock-star than that, given that his band Guns N’Roses were considered the most dangerous band in the world at the time.

How about dressing up as a rock star and a fashion icon all in one by getting a very flashy hat and big star-shaped glasses to look just like Elton John – just don’t dress up to go breaking any hearts.

For the ladies out there, you can’t go wrong with one of the many styles that Madonna has fashioned over the years. Whether you choose to go as a Material Girl or a very Victorian Vogue character, you are sure to shock – in a good way. But we can’t just give you one idea when we have given the boys a whole lot, another icon you might choose to look like could be Katy Perry. The singer has re-branded her look many a time, so take your pick and roar like a lion or go ahead and kiss a girl and see if you like it.

Rock Star and Fashion Icons Carnival Party 2016
A very stylish carnival party. March 4. Industry Bar, Saripolou 63, Limassol. 9.30pm. Tel: 96-648070

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