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UCy aims to be a federal institution

University of Cyprus rector Constantinos Christofides

THE University of Cyprus’ Department of Physics is planning to offer a study programme in Turkish, Rector Constantinos Christofides announced during an address at a bicommunal event where he said the aim is for UCy to become a fully federal institution post-solution.

“We hope that other universities from both sides will follow,” he told a gathering of Greek and Turkish Cypriots at the Fulbright Centre in Nicosia on the topic of ‘Education in the post-solution era.

As the Rector of this university, I look forward to the day when the Cypriot scientists and scholars will be collaborating together in the same laboratories,” he said. “I am glad that the UCY Department of Physics plans to offer also a study programme in Turkish.”

Christofides said education could play an essential role in the consolidation of peace in Cyprus as the concept of education meant respect and acceptance of diversity, and dialogue and creation.

He said UCy was working in proactive way, towards the country’s prosperity in both the short and long term.

Christofides said the dominant country in the Eastern Mediterranean region would be the one with the best schools, the best universities, the best hospitals, the best research centres, and the best service provision.

“It does not take a large country to become a great country,” he added.

The size of a country did not depend on its geographical area, or the size of its population but on the greatness of the minds of its young people.

Christofides said education could help reunite Cyprus. He said that in 1960, with the establishment of the Republic, Cypriots had failed to develop a single educational system and as a result had failed to generate trust among the children of the two communities.

“With high quality education and the improvement of the educational system, both positive change and mutual understanding can be achieved,” he said.


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