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Ambelopoulia pic not a stunt to win votes, MP says

Evgenios Hamboullas, a DISY deputy for Famagusta, who was in hot water recently for posting a photo of himself on Facebook in front of a plate of ambelopoulia – an illegal delicacy – said on Sunday it had not been a ploy or a stunt to win votes in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

In an interview with Phileleftheros, Hamboullas said his actions had been completely spontaneous and were not intended to provoke anyone. Having said that, he did concede that hunting of the migrant birds was an issue that concerned many of his constituents who view it as a traditional occupation., particularly in the Famagusta area.

“My primary objective is to continuously promote the just demands of Famagusta and solving problems related to the world of Famagusta,” said Hamboullas.
“Famagusta has one of the most mature electorates and I think that is an insult to Famagusta voters if some suggest that the criteria for the selection of their MPs is based on a single Facebook post.”

“And yes, the reasons there are parties and politicians is to promote and serve the interests of those they represent,’ he added. “What is important is that these interests are not contrary to the public interest, and as long as they strengthen the rule of law and are promoted in a correct and fair manner.”

Because the issue of his parliamentary immunity was raised at the time of the ambelopoulia incident but the attorney-general decided it would not be in the public interest to lift it, Hamboullas said the question of immunity should be discussed by the new parliament.

Commenting on the recent implementation of the civil partnership law, which he opposed, Hamboullas said it was nothing more than “civil marriage in disguise”.
“I am sorry but because this legislation affects the institution of the family at a time when the moral values ​​are on the wane… whether we like it or not, the family consists of father, mother and children. These are the reasons why I voted against this bill,” he said.

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