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Cannabis supporters to mobilise against narcotest law

Friends of Cannabis said on Tuesday it was determined to resist narcotests after parliament passed legislation last week allowing police to carry out tests on drivers.

“At the moment things are moving slowly, and our community will have enough time to organise resistance,” Friends of Cannabis member Petros Evdokas said.

The new law will be fought on three main levels, Evdokas said: personal protection, individual legal defence, and political resistance.

Evdokas said it is not known exactly what the narcotest will detect and how much time after its use cannabis will be traceable as the equipment used to carry out tests has not yet been purchased.

He said “the corrupt wing of the police will not stop targeting the most unjustly treated and vulnerable segment of the population who are the Friends of Cannabis.” However those found over an acceptable level will be able to fight in court as the new law clearly states that the test results are not to be used for prosecutions.

The community plans to publish instructions on personal protection, such as mouth cleaning techniques which people can use to reduce the chance of detection and advise on when to drive before and after the peak of traceability.

They also plan a legal defence, saying that obtaining saliva is unlawful as it is genetic material and can only be obtained through a court order. There are other legal problems which may arise, such as those related to the scientific interpretation of the findings.

On another level, the community plans to increase awareness of the law, how to avoid getting caught and an escalation of pressure against politicians and bureaucrats.

Evdokas stressed that all this will be done in the broader context of the fight for full legalisation of cannabis in all its forms and for all uses.

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