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Public servant complains he gets €5,000 a month to do nothing (updated)

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Marios Dhrousiotis, the government employee who complained to President Nicos Anastasiades that he is given no work to do despite his €5,000-a-month salary, heads a critical unit of the Energy ministry and should have taken it upon himself to promote his department, instead of waiting to be assigned work, the Energy ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

A letter Dhrousiotis sent Anastasiades featured in daily Phileleftheros on Tuesday, in which he complained that he had been transferred to a ministry service centre as a supervisor a year ago but not a single file or any work has been assigned to him by his boss since.

“In my opinion, the state would save money if it asked me to remain home and sent me my salary as it would not incur the operating costs of my office such as lighting, heating, and consumables,” he said in his letter. “This is unacceptable. An employee to want to work and illegally prevented from doing so.”

The ‘one-stop shop for setting up a business’, which Dhrousiotis was assigned head of in February 2015, is a unit of “vital importance for the ministry and the country’s economy in general”, the energy ministry said in a statement.

“Its main purpose is to serve investors and professionals with the least possible inconvenience, mainly through the reduction of bureaucracy for the swift administration of a businessman’s cases via an individualized approach,” the ministry said.

The ministry said that “as the head of this service, Mr Dhrousiotis has ample room for action and initiative at his disposal for the resolution of problems facing investors, the collection of information from businessmen, and improving the economy’s competitiveness”.

“Instead, he has submitted no proposals to improve and modernize the unit he heads, nor has he contributed to the ministry’s efforts to upgrade his Service, despite being invited to actively contribute.It is sad for a senior official to await for his boss to hand him files with instructions attached, in order to do his job. These are the duties of a lower-ranking government employee, not of a senior official receiving such a big salary.”

Over the past year, Droushiotis claimed he had sent letters to the auditor-general, the chairman of the public service committee, the minister, and the attorney-general complaining public money was being squandered as he is paid to sit and not be of any use.

A year ago, on March 11, 2015, a letter to the public service committee said “I consider it a waste of public service resources to place a supervisor on an A13+2 scale in a department where the main duties are to sign absence leaves and check the arrival and departure time of six employees.”
In his letter to the president, he said “I continue to simply be at my office and get paid.”

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