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Six years for possessing and growing cannabis

The Larnaca and Famagusta criminal court on Wednesday sentenced Stelios Nicolaou, 28, to six years in prison for possession and intent to sell cannabis, as well as growing 217 cannabis plants.
According to the court, in June 2015, drug squad members raided the 28-year-old’s home in Avgorou, Famagusta, but found nothing.
Behind the house, however, police found a structure with birdcages, where investigation revealed 2.5 kilos of cannabis.
In an adjacent establishment, policemen also found 217 potted cannabis plants, ranging in height from 5 centimetres to 1.18 metres.
Electrical appliances used in the cultivation and growth of the plants were also found, as well as other materials, including soil, water, cannabis seeds, and cannabis-extraction apparatus.
Questioned by police, Nicolaou confessed that all the items found were his.
In its ruling, the criminal court said that the penalty for the cultivation and possession of a Class B drug with intent to sell to others is life in prison.
It added that drugs cases should incur strict and deterring sentences, because drugs are a scourge that harms a person’s material and moral wellbeing, and in many cases lead to destitution and death.
In sentencing, the court considered Nicolaou’s immediate confession, the fact that he cultivated the plants with the intent to supply cannabis to a small circle of friends for a small fee, his family and personal circumstances, and his clean record, as mitigating factors.
The 28-year-old was handed a six-year in prison sentence for possession of a controlled Class B substance with intent to supply to others, and six years for growing cannabis.
The court also imposed six months for the possession of apparatus used in extracting and using drugs.
All sentences are concurrent.

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