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Enough with the Brexit scaremongering

Yet another scare story appears in the Sunday Mail, written to frighten the expats at the breakfast table,  So is the UK such a weak and dependent country that it will fail without hanging onto the apron strings of the EU?  Let’s not get emotional, let’s look at some of the facts.  Well the countries that make up this monster that consumes £20bn of the UK’s profits, taxes raised and paid by ordinary folk and levied against industry every year.  Well, there’s Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania to name just some countries picked at random, with Bosnia and Herzegovina waiting in the wings to join.  So what do we have in common with these fifteen nations?  What exactly do we actually export to them?  Can anyone enlighten me?  Just think how Sterling would rise, if instead of giving the EU £20bn every year, (set to rise by an additional £5.1bn next year) we invested that money back into our industry.  Just think how the pound in your pocket would soar against the Euro?  I can already hear the pips squeaking in Germany with its car imports into the UK being taxed.  Now that will hurt.

Then there is the scare story of being an immigrant in Cyprus outside the EU.  Well let’s not forget Cyprus is only in the EU when it suits Cyprus.  Despite the fact that the British expats make up over 50% of buyers of villas, there is not one single British estate agent who is allowed to operate without a Cypriot partner.  All the Estate Agent exams are conducted in Greek to keep it in the family.  I came here in 2002 before the days of the EU and we managed very well, British expats are found all over the world and we cope, because that is what we do.  Then there was. “All the British will have to leave Cyprus”.  Really, what forward thinking country would throw out taxpayers.

So the article asks. “Will the reciprocal agreements between Cyprus and Britain be cancelled?”  So how many Brits will remain if we suddenly find double taxation?  Cyprus isn’t alone in the Med, there is Malta and Spain to mention two other countries who I’m sure would welcome taxpaying expats, their gain will be Cyprus’s loss.  The belief that unless we vote against a Brexit, life here will become very uncomfortable, is just pie in the sky.  I have lived on the Island for nearly 17 years, but will be voting to leave the EU for the good of my country not for a short term monetary gain.

So please no more scary stories to frighten the expats in their beds, bring on the Brexit so we are not sending £20bn a year to the EU, a Mafioso organisation so corrupt that the books have not been signed off in 2016 for the 12th consecutive year.  If Britain invests in its industries, hospitals and infrastructure it will find export markets, so the pound in your pock will again be worth having.

Peter Davis, Droushia

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