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Genuine souvenirs of old Nicosia

Selctions of gifts on sale at the H4C cafe

A new type of souvenir shop, offering Nicosia-themed and Nicosia-made items, is now available online and in the café of the Home for Cooperation in Nicosia.

Items for sale include mugs, fridge magnets, phone covers, puzzles and posters, all depicting evocative scenes of mostly old Nicosia on both sides of the divide.

One mug, for example, depicts two women and a child sitting in a doorway of an old house underneath a line of washing (price €7.50). Another item is a poster of a minaret (price €5.00).

Old city themed phone covers for Galaxy 4, 5, 6 and iPhone 4, 5, 6, selling for 12 euros
Old city themed phone covers for Galaxy 4, 5, 6 and iPhone 4, 5, 6, selling for 12 euros

The souvenirs, all made in Nicosia, are one of the results of the ‘Old Nicosia Revealed’ project which started more than four years ago.

“We started a photo competition,” Yaprak Aydin, communication officer at the association said. “And people were trained in photography at a workshop. The winning images were chosen for producing souvenirs. The result is the shop.”

“Four and a half years ago some friends from various locations got together,” said Orestis Tringides, a member of the organising team of ‘Old Nicosia Revealed’. “We think that many people perceive just half of Nicosia, and we didn’t like the official narrative, the way that Nicosia is presented to guests, which is always about Makarios or OXI square.”

The group, aware that old Nicosia was changing, decided to start some projects and to encourage people to look carefully at the old city. One of them was the photo competition, where they collected 350 pictures, some of which were then reproduced for various gifts.

The souvenirs can be ordered online, and the association posts them to addresses all over Cyprus. It is also possible to pay online but collect the souvenirs from the premises of the Home for Cooperation.

In addition, there is a small display of the items at the H4C café. Books and DVDs, which are also on sale, are available at the H4C office.

The proceeds from the purchases are used for fund raising, Aydin explained.

“For now we are selling them online and in the café, but we are looking into new outlets.”


The store can be found at:

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