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A sound, a bull, a rabbit, and a turtle

Take the kids out on Saturday to listen to three fascinating musical stories under the name A Sound that Got Lost, a Bull, a Rabbit and a Turtle.

A double bass, a violin and a narrator will tell the story of how a little sound got lost in the wild, dark forest. The other sounds search for it but will the little lost sound be able to find its way back to them? Music and narration will also tell the tale of Ferdinand the bull who prefers to sit quietly in the shade and smell flowers than show off his strength and bravery like the other young bulls. Aesop’s well-known myth about a turtle and a rabbit who decide to race each other will be told with the help of melodies from popular classical works by Rachmaninov, Paganini, Schubert, Saint-Saens, Mozart and other composers, arranged by the Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, Alkis Baltas.

The violin will be played by Nicos Pittas, the double bass will be in the hands of Nicos Ioannou and the narration that will lead children into the adventures of the three stories will be by actor Petros Georgadjis. Ioannou and Georgadjis will perform Little Sad Sound for Solo Double Bass and Narrator by British composer and teacher Alan Ridout. Ferdinand the Bull for solo violin and narrator also by Ridout will enchant the children in the audience with Pittas on the violin and Georgadjis telling the tale.

During the performance, suitable for children from seven-years-old, images will also be projected.

A Sound That Got Lost, a Bull, a Rabbit and a Turtle
Musical performance for children by the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra plus narration. March 12. Pallas Theatre, Nicosia. 11am. €5/3. In Greek. Tel: 22-410181

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