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A Persian classical music night with Pharos

On Sunday the Pharos Arts Foundation, in collaboration with the Embassy of Iran, will present an evening of Persian Classical Music featuring the Rohaab Ensemble on traditional instruments.

After the success of the Persian Music concerts that the foundation presented in 2014 and 2015, the Shoe Factory in Nicosia will once again host an evening dedicated to Persian classical music with a performance on traditional instruments – tanbur, ney, daf, percussion, tar, setar, oud and kamanche.

The classical music of the Persian culture reflects the deep sadness of brutal invasions, the complex beauty of nature, and fusion with a higher power of existence. Persian classical music has evolved as a fluid expression of the social and cultural values proudly embodied by the Persian people as demonstrated by the musical theory system, the role of music in Persian culture and the creation process of musical performance.

With the foundational establishment of Islam as the national religion of Persia in the seventh century, a significant fusion of Arabic and Persian music took place, including instruments, musical terminology and theoretical principles. As Persian cultural values and beliefs have evolved over time, Persian classical music has simultaneously transformed. Often associated with the deep, complex and profound poetry of the great Persian poets, Persian music embodies the expression of the human soul.

Gradually, Persian classical music was raised to a mystical art, highly prized for its unification with a superior power of existence. The modernisation and westernisation of Iran have not only changed the structural components of Persian music in many ways, but have also exposed the art to the world. As people listen to this mysteriously beautiful art they attain some type of hal-state where the “world becomes transfigured, unveiling its marvellous images and across an ineffable transparency… offers itself to the direct comprehension of every being capable of sensing.”

The Rohaab Ensemble – Seyed Bijan Madani on the tambour, ney and vocals, Miyad-nik Farjam on the daf and percussion, Mohammad Reza Amou Javadi on the kamanche and Hedayat Kalari on the tar, setar, and oud – has been greatly influenced by the music of the Alawites and the Alevis of Anatolia and the Zagros Mountains of Iran.

Using this great and rich music tradition as a vehicle, the Ensemble has furthermore adjusted it to more novel music devices to develop a rather structured improvisational form. As part of its activities, the Ensemble has researched the connection between music, the ancient mystical schools of thought and the tambour, which is considered an Ashik instrument in some parts of Iran. The Rohaab Ensemble has long established itself in Tehran and many other Iranian cities, and in recent years it has increasingly gained a reputation abroad for its distinctive and mystically enchanted performances, introducing the rich musical culture of their country to audiences worldwide.

Concert of Persian Classical Music
The Pharos Arts Foundations presents a concert with the Rohab Ensemble. March 20. The Shoe Factory, Nicosia. 8.30pm. €15/10. Tel: 22-663871

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