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From New York to Nicosia

We are giving you a big heads up for this event next Sunday because you might just need the time to book your tickets before they are sold out – as the music scene on the night will bring a bit of New York to Nicosia.

The event is a performance by the four member band NERVE. The band evolved out of Jojo Mayer’s legendary party event Prohibited Beatz in NYC during the late 90s. Initially a platform for experimental interaction between DJs, visual artists, musicians and the audience, the collective eventually developed into a fine-tuned group who thrilled – and continue to thrill – audiences with electronic music style and improvised music performances.

The band stood out from the crowd as it assimilated a wide spectrum of electronic styles from old school Jungle, Dub Step or Glitch beats to Minimal and Tech House and anything that could escape genre descriptions.

Going outside the musical traditional box, NERVE managed to acquaint a new audience with improvised music for the first time and ultimately bring the Jazz tradition of improvisation, driving rhythms and stylistic evolution to the digital age.

So get ready for a totally different night when Jojo Mayer plays his drums, John Davis takes to his bass, Jacob Bergson puts his fingers to the keyboard and Aaron Nevezie will bring it all together with his managed sound.

Be present at a great meeting between human creativity and digital technology, where a unique experience is to be had by all who are always looking for new ways to rock on.

Live performance by the band. March 27. DownTown Live, Nicosia. 9pm. €20. Tel: 99-218402

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