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DIKO’s Papadopoulos cranks up election rhetoric

Opposition DIKO leader Nicolas Papadopoulos launched a tirade against AKEL and ruling DISY on Sunday, accusing them of seeking the return of the Annan plan but being afraid to tell it to the people.

Papadopoulos was speaking at a party event on Sunday to present DIKO’s 56 candidates for the May 22 parliamentary elections.

“When the President of the Republic, DISY and AKEL permit, tolerate or sometimes even collaborate in the upgrading of the occupation leader and the pseudo-state, one must resist in order to protect the Republic of Cyprus and claim the solution we want, and not the one they are trying to impose on us,” he said in his speech.

AKEL and DISY he said were seeking the return of the Annan plan and were simply afraid to tell the people. “The Annan plan cannot be the basis of a Cyprus settlement,” Papadopoulos said.

A Cyprus solution should be functional and sustainable, respect international law and EU principles, respect human and democratic rights and freedoms of all citizens of Cyprus and ensure the survival of Cypriot Hellenism.

The solution should also ensure the continuation of the Republic but instead, he said, Anastasiades was helping “to upgrade the pseudo-state.”

The leaders of DISY and AKEL were leading the Greek Cypriot side to worsening positions while Turkey was benefiting, he added.

“They keep a talks blackout and they engage in secret diplomacy without offering substantial information to the political parties and the people. They continue to retreat and surrender,” he added.

Papadopoulos said in this context, the elections in May were critical to the future of the country, the course of the economy, and the functioning of institutions and social justice.

While the government was celebrating the “success story” of Cyprus “we have poverty, unemployment and inequality” he added. “DIKO will celebrate when you close the social groceries and improve the lives of people.”

The aim and objective of the Democratic Party was both the steady course of the economy and reversing negative consequences and injustices in the memorandum.

“Towards this direction will soon announce our election programme with concrete measures that will completely change the facts on the ground, restore the lost sense of justice and will give hope and perspective to all our compatriots,” said Papadopoulos.

Referring to the slew of public scandals, Papadopoulos said DIKO’s aim was to restore the functioning of institutions, to have transparency in political life and the elimination of corruption after witnessing “one scandal after another”.

The party, he added, would propose the establishment of the right of citizens to initiate law proposals based on the criteria of 5,000 signatures, and create a House Citizens Committee so that everyone would have the chance to bring to parliament issues that concern them or that are being discussed by deputies.


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