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Cypriots create more waste than most in EU

With 626kg per person per year, Cyprus had the second highest amount of household waste in the EU, a Eurostat report revealed on Tuesday.

Denmark was the only country well ahead of Cyprus with 759kg per person. Germany and Luxembourg have lower amounts, but are still above 600kg per person mark.

On average, each person in the EU generated 475kg of municipal waste in 2014. With less than 300kg, Romania (based on 2013 data), Poland and Latvia had the lowest amounts of waste generated.

In 2014, almost half of municipal waste was recycled in Slovenia (49 per cent) and Germany (47 per cent).

Composting was most common in Austria (32 per cent), followed by the Netherlands (27 per cent). Together, recycling and composting accounted in 2014 for nearly two-thirds of waste treatment in Germany, which tops the list. Slovenia and Austria are in second and third place.

Although Denmark and Germany create big amounts of waste, only one per cent of it ends up in landfills. In Denmark, 54 per cent is incinerated and thus used as a source of energy.

In Cyprus, 75 per cent of the waste goes to landfill, much higher than the EU average of 28 per cent. Cypriots only recycled 13 per cent of waste and composted 12 per cent, staying much behind the EU average.

The share of municipal waste recycled or composted in the EU has steadily increased over time, from 17 per cent in 1995 to 44 per cent in 2014.

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