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It’s all Greek to me

Over the next few days, a number of Greek singers will be visiting the island to end March on a high note and welcome April on an even higher one.

On Thursdays the stage belongs to ladies as Despina Vandi will perform in Limassol while Natasa Theodoridou will be in Nicosia.

If you saw the Greek version of The Voice then you are sure to know Vandi and if you like Greek pop music then she is probably on your top ten list of singers to watch out for.

Vandi has been in the business of making music since 1994 when her first album Gela Mou (Smile at Me) was released. Soon after that she began working with Greek songwriter and producer Phoebus and had a massive hit with her third album Deka Endoles (The Ten Commandments) in 1997. She has won three Arion Music Awards, ten MAD Video Music Awards, seven Pop Corn Music Awards, and a World Music Award, becoming the first Greek artist recording in Greece to ever win the award.

Now if you are more into the laika Greek music scene (contemporary folk songs) then you may choose to throw your carnations at Theodoridou.

Theodoridou is the only female Greek artist to achieve platinum status with all of her first three albums. She may have studied journalism but it seems she is much better at hunting down number one hits than the facts behind news stories.

A bunch of musical men from Greece won’t be far behind. The singer Levrentis Macheritsas will perform tomorrow and on Thursday in Larnaca, and also in Paphos on Friday.

Macheritsas has been rocking the music scene the longest in comparison with the other artists coming our way. He started out in 1982 as part of a band called Termites and then started his solo career in 1989. Since then he has been releasing hit after hit and has never stopped performing.

The last singer on our list is really a blast from the past. Michalis Rakintzis – who you may remember from the Eurovision song contest in 2002 with his song S.A.G.A.P.O – will perform live in Limassol on Friday and in Nicosia on Saturday.

Rakintzis was very successful in the 80s and 90s with his classical and alternative rock songs. So if you spent your youth during one of these decades, you won’t need to look him up on the net.

Despina Vandi
Live performance by the Greek singer. March 31. Opa Opa Club, 86b Gladstonos Street, Limassol. 11.30pm. Tel: 95-580058

Natasa Theodoridou
Live performance by the Greek singer. March 31. Asmation Music Stage, Nicosia. 11.30pm. Tel: 22-878878

Levrentis Macheritsas
Live performance by the Greek singer. March 30-31. Savino Live, Larnaca. 10.30pm. €15. Tel: 24-620861

April 1. Ano Polis, 24 Nikolaou Ellinas, Paphos. 10.30pm. €15. Tel: 26-944333

Michalis Rakintzis
Live performance by the Greek singer. April 1. Opa Opa Club, Limassol. 11.30pm. Tel: 95-560056
April 2. Downtown Live, Nicosia. 10.30pm. €15. Tel: 95-160455

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