Cyprus Mail

Revenue from tourism rises 2.5% in January, as arrivals rise 16%

By Stelios Orphanides

Revenue from tourism rose an annual 2.5 per cent in January, to €29.1m, the statistical service said.

While the number of tourists who visited Cyprus in January rose 16 per cent, the modest increase in revenue was due to tourists spending a shorter time in Cyprus combined with a drop in average spending per visitor, Cystat said in a statement on its website on Thursday.

The average length of stay in January was 9.9 days compared to 11.4 per cent in January 2015, Cystat said. On average, every tourist spent €598.39 in the first month of the year while vacationing in Cyprus, a 12 per cent drop compared to2015.

British tourists cut the length of their stay by almost one fifth, to 11.4 days in January, and spent 17 per cent less, Cystat said. Tourists from Russia stayed in Cyprus on average 10.4 days, an 8.5 per cent fall compared to January 2015, during which they spent 21 per cent less cash.

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