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Internal and external battles on stage

The week ahead opens in Limassol with some theatrical performances that promise drama and a means to look at life, living and how we human beings act and react in a different light.

Technohoros ETHAL will present the play 4.48 Psychosis by British playwright Sarah Kane on Monday and Tuesday.

The play is written from the point of view of someone with severe clinical depression, a disorder from which Kane suffered and which led her to committing suicide after she had written the play. It has no explicit characters or stage directions.

A repeated motif in the play is serial sevens, which is counting down from one hundred by sevens, a test often used by psychiatrists to test for loss of concentration or memory.

According to Kane’s friend and fellow-playwright David Greig, the title of the play derives from the time, 4.48 am, when Kane in her depressed state often woke.

As Kane never lived to see the play performed, Greig considered the play to be ‘perhaps uniquely painful in that it appears to have been written in the almost certain knowledge that it would be performed posthumously.’

THOK, meanwhile, will be taking a break from performing Our Class in Nicosia for a while by taking it to Limassol on Tuesday, where the play by Polish playwright, director and theatre critic Tadeusz Słobodzianek will unfold on the Rialto stage.

The drama is set in 20th century Poland and is inspired by true events, such as the Jedwabne pogrom which led to the bloody demise of 300 Polish Jews in 1941.

It concentrates on a group of classmates, Poles and Jews, from 1925 to our times. As they grow up, the time for fun ends as the war breaks out.

Now these classmates are faced with a world of rape, murder and torture. Almost all the local Jews are killed and the violence doesn’t end with the end of the war.

This is not a clear-cut story, it does not just concentrate on character and plot, rather it leans on a history that cannot be judged and seeks to find some kind of truth among all the chaos of the past.

Only individuals over 15-years-old will be able to watch the performance, which will be accompanied by English and Turkish surtitles.

4.48 Psychosis
Performance of the play by Sarah Kane. April 11-12. Technohoros Ethal, Limassol. 8.30pm. In Greek. Tel: 25-877827

Our Class
Performance of the play by Tadeusz Slobodzianek. April 12. Rialto theatre, Limassol. 8.30pm. €12/6. In Greek with English and Turkish subtitles. Tel: 77-772717

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