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Brexit rhetoric being oversimplified

I refer to the referendum on the U.K remaining or leaving the EU. I must say it is very frustrating to hear the over-simplistic arguments to leave the EU. I blame the media in the UK which has been poisoning people’s view of the EU for many, many years. They rarely tell the public about the big picture e.g.

  1. The EU has ensured we have peace in the area for the past 70 years.
  2. The EU has become one of the world’s super powers; these super power blocks will determine what happens in the world, the other smaller countries will have to accept it without having a say- this is reality. Is it not better to be in a power block having some influence rather than none at all? The US has already warned that Britain risks losing its seat at the top table. Most of  the major countries are urging Britain to stay in the EU.
  3. Throughout  the history of the world, the pattern of development has always  involved different individual groups getting together to defeat their enemies and maintain their survival, This remains true today and will probably remain true for the future .
  4. Scotland is a strong advocate for staying in the EU, the recent referendum for Scotland to split from the U.K was only narrowly defeated. If the UK decides to leave the E.U.,the next step will be for another referendum for Scotland to brake away from the U.K and stay within the E.U. This will leave a much smaller UK with a much reduced influence in the world. So why are some people advocating a Brexit which will inevitably lead to Britain’s downfall?

A.Georgiou, Paphos

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