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A week of music

Our musical week begins on Monday in Limassol with the Papageorgio String Quartet in a one-off gig in Heroes Square. Known for their unique style of ‘classic versus rock’, this quartet has made a name for themselves “performing classical pieces in a fused orchestration combining rock song melodies. Two violins, a viola, and a cello make use of classical influences to produce alternative rock and pop music in a journey through time from the Baroque to the Classical and Romantic periods.” In a programme that mixes well-known classics with modern-day favourites, the first half of the concert sees a host of the musical mash-ups which are the quartet’s hallmark: Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata paired with Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters; a synthesis of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven and Bach’s Aria in G; and Dvořák’s New World Symphony blended with Europe’s Final Countdown. The second half sees the quartet bringing us reworkings of chart-toppers from past to present: from the late 70s (The Eagles’ Hotel California) through the 80s (Guns n Roses anthem Sweet Child of Mine) and 90s (Wind of Change by The Scorpions) to modern-day hits (David Guetta’s Lovers on the Sun and last year’s smash hit Take Me to Church)… a cross-genre feast for the ears and the soul.

Wednesday sees Nicosia take up the baton as the Shoe Factory hosts the remarkable Georgian pianist Elisso Bolkvadze. Co-organised by The Pharos Trust and the non-profit organisation Emma For Peace, the concert will delight audiences with its programme of piano classics, a selection of Schubert’s Impromtus; Chopin’s Andante Spianato Et Grande Polonaise Brilliante, Debussy’s L’isle Joyeuse and Prokofiev’s Sonata No.2, Op.14. An artist who has won great critical acclaim for her unique sensibility, power and sincerity, Bolkvadze is a global talent with innumerable accolades – and glowing reviews – to her name. If a spot of classical piano is your thing, it would certainly be a shame to miss someone hailed as a “major artist” (Los Angeles Times) for her “formidable talent” (New York Times) and “undeniably sensitive playing” (Gramophone).

Towards the end of the week our musical journey takes on a more traditional vibe. Thursday sees 100 Years Vassilis Tsitsanis, billed as “a dance and musical performance with references to a series of events that marked the Greek history of the past 100 years, starting with the life of the great composer and his beloved songs”. And the vibe continues on Friday, this time in Paphos with artist Thanos Mikroutsikos taking to the stage at Palia Ilektriki. As part of the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 event series, audiences will be able to enjoy the “boisterous artist connecting with the audience of Paphos through his music and songs, and sharing stories from his rich and fascinating journey through cultural, social and political events.”

We’re back in Limassol for the last two events in our musical journey, both taking place on Saturday. One-off concert Entre Guitarra y Voz – brought to us by guitarist Sotiris Kasparides, soprano Annie Trillidou Santi and pianist Ioanna Pettemeridou Pavlou – promises a “stirring mix of Spanish, Latin American and modern classical music” in a programme that includes “a variety of works from composers such as Manuel de Falla, Enrique Granados and Ernesto Cordero”. And, bringing the week to a close, we’ve got something for those who enjoy their music off the cuff: a solo violin project from artist Michalis Kouloumis under the heading Displaced Dreams. Purely improvisational, the project brings together material from the classical music of Constantinople, the laments of Epirus, Baroque Music polyphony and Michalis Kouloumis’ most recent compositions, and is billed as “an emotional journey through the colourful soundscapes of modal music, dedicated to all the people who struggle for freedom and dignity after being displaced from their homelands and their dreams.” A fittingly modern end to our musical journey!
The Papageorgio String Quartet
April 11 at 20.30 in Heroes Square, Limassol. For more information call 77777745 or email [email protected]
Elisso Bolkvadze
Piano concert on April 13 at 20.30 at The Shoe Factory, Nicosia. For more information call 22 663871 or visit
100 Years Vassilis Tsitsanis
April 14 at 20.30 at the Rialto Theatre, Limassol. For more information call 77777745 or email [email protected]
Thanos Mikroutsikos
Performing at 20.30 on April 15 at the Polihoros Cultural Centre, Paphos. For more information visit
Entre Guitarra y Voz
Concert on April 16 at 20.30 at Theatro Ena, Limassol. For more information call 99564405 or email [email protected]
Displaced Dreams
By Michalis Kouloumis on April 16 at 9pm at the Old Vinegar House, Limassol. For more information call 99 864970 or email [email protected]

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