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Improved job security for state contract workers

The cabinet on Wednesday approved a bill regulating the matter of temporary workers in the public sector.
The bill affects 1,537 temporary workers in the civil service on fixed term or 15-day contracts. From these, 1,175 serve in the health sector. They will be converted to six-month contracts.
It is expected to be approved by MPs on Thursday, the last day of the current parliament ahead of May’s election.
The bill scraps a series of laws on temporary workers, passed between 1995 and 2014, and simplifies the current legal framework with the introduction of a unified text.
It also does away with the numerous categories of temporary workers, whose contracts will now be classified as indefinite or fixed term.
The bill provides that the contracts of staff hired as temporary workers will have a six-month duration.
The contracts of workers who complete 30 months in the service, will be converted to indefinite.
As part of the law, temporary workers will be reviewed continuously, a process that will be the criterion for the renewal of their contract. Employees whose performance is deemed inadequate will have their contracts terminated.
The bill also ends a 10 per cent cut on the earnings of newcomers provided they have completed 24 months of service.
This was a long-standing demand by contract workers who continued to have 10 per cent deducted, even after serving for three-four years, just because they were on 15-day contracts.
The cost to the state is expected to reach €3mln annually.

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