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Images captured at archaeological sites

Combining photographs, architecture and landscapes, the Vestiges 1991-2016 exhibition presenting photographs by world famous French-Czech photographer Josef Κoudelka continues at the Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis Foundation in Limassol.

The exhibition, running until April 28, was initially part of the events for Marseille-Provence 2013 – European Capital of Culture on the theme of fostering relationships and ties between the peoples of the Mediterranean. The exhibition has had tremendous success and is still touring the globe.

Vestiges 1991-2016 displays photographs from archaeological sites and monuments of Cyprus which Koudelka recently visited and photographed. Apart from the selection of two photographs from the archaeological sites of Salamis and The Tomb of the Kings, which will be part of the international exhibition touring worldwide, a slide show of about 400 other photographs of Mediterranean archaeological heritage are projected on a giant-sized screen placed outdoors on the wall of the old castle of Limassol at night during weekends for the duration of the exhibition. Of these 400 images, 25 were taken at archaeological sites in Cyprus.

When asked about this project, Koudelka explained that he was drawn to the beauty of deserted sites, the solitude in beauty he found there, “a beauty that encourages and feeds reflection.”

He goes further to point out that it is this beauty that has attracted him for the past 21 years and led him to visit the same places several times, each time trying to capture the place better than on the previous visit.

The photographer chose to concentrate on Greek and Roman ruins because of the history they represent and their values.

“As relics surviving the destruction of time, they have a force that must be made present, that must be represented,” he explained.

Koudelka represents this presence as an image that he works on until he feels perfect. He is not interested in his photographs being used as documents to record a situation or the way a landscape was at one time, he is more interested in creating his own vision of what he captures.

“When I began my work on the Mediterranean’s archaeological sites, I didn’t know much about their history. I learned about it gradually. If some of my photos have or will become documents on changing situations that evolve or disappear, great. But that’s not my goal,” he said.

Also on Thursday as part of the exhibition, there will be a talk by archaeologist Yiannis Violaris at 7.30pm. Violaris will discuss thoughts and observations on the exhibition.

Vestiges 1991-2016
Photography exhibition by Josef Κoudelka. Until April 28. The Evagoras Lanitis Centre, Queen Berengaria, Limassol. Tuesday-Friday: 4pm-8pm, Saturday-Sunday: 1pm-8pm. Tel: 25-342123. Email: [email protected]

Thoughts and Observation about Vestiges 1991-2016
Talk on the photography exhibition Vestiges 1991-2016. April 21. The Evagoras Lanitis Centre, Queen Berengaria, Limassol. 7.30pm. In Greek

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