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Hindley play in Cyprus draws ire in UK

A British holidaymaker has complained to a UK tabloid about a play centering on Moors murderer Myra Hindely that is being performed in Nicosia and at some hotels, according to the Daily Star.

“A chilling poster for the play at Nicosia’s Theatro Ena shows part of Hindley’s mugshot combined with the face of the actress who plays her,” the paper says.

One holidaymaker, who asked not to be named, said: “It was a bit of a shock seeing one of Britain’s most notorious murderers presented in this way.

“Obviously there have been films about the Moors murders in the past, but you don’t expect to be confronted with it on holiday abroad.

Brady and Hindley’s crimes touched so many lives, it’s possible someone connected to their victims could see this.”

The play by Michalis Papadopoulos takes a close look at the woman who paired up with Ian Brady to murder five children in the 1960s. The two lovers went on a murdering spree until Hindley’s brother-in-law tipped off police and she and Brady were arrested. She was found guilty of three murders in 1966 and was put in prison for life, where she died in 2002 aged 60. Brady, 78, is now a patient at a secure hospital.

The show runs until Wednesday.

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