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Open letter to IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde

Dear Ms Lagarde,

I understand that a few days ago your colleague, Mr. Maurice Obstfeld, senior economist to the IMF, gave a speech in which he expressed the opinion that the UK’s departure from the EU will bring chaos to the world, etc., etc..

I have also learned that President Barack (“Libya and Syria”) Obama will soon be visiting the UK to also tell all us Brits that we must remain in the EU.

What weighty international expertise.

Unfortunately I do not have an e-mail address for Mr. Obstfeld, so perhaps you would be kind enough to pass this e-mail to him.

As Mr. Obstfeld is a US citizen he (and President Obama) may not be aware that there are many millions of us good ‘ole Brits who want out of the EU. To give them a flavour of why that may be so, they should imagine that the Americas, north and south, and the Caribbean were joined together in the same format as the member states of the EU with the “ever closer union” intent of the EU. Let’s call it the Americas Union (AU).

Now visualize the following:

  • The AU central offices will be based in Managua, Nicaragua as a fairly central point from north to south, and in a member state whose economy could do with a boost from the wasteful spendings of thousands of unelected bureaucrats on a daily basis;
  • Each of the AU member states will appoint a Commissioner (based in Managua) to decide on all policy matters, ranging from how food should be stored to where member states are allowed to fish and what they may grow on their farms;
  • All US embassies around the world will eventually be replaced by AU embassies with ambassadors appointed by the AU Commissioners. The US Foreign Secretary will be replaced by an appointee nominated by the Commissioners; say, a Cuban;
  • The combined armed forces of the AU will be commanded by a general from, say, Haiti;
  • The AU’s central bank (ACB) is to be based in Mexico City from which all monetary policies and interest rate rises and reductions across the entire AU will be dictated by the ACB’s board appointed by the Commissioners;
  • The US$ will be replaced by the Auro, a currency common to all member states;
  • The USA must allow anyone and everyone from all member states to freely enter the USA without hindrance and to settle there even if they have no jobs. Such individuals must be given welfare and free education and medical care paid for by the US taxpaying citizens. The welfare must extend to children of these individuals as well, even if the children do not accompany their parents to the USA;
  • Any Supreme Court decisions may be quashed by the AU’s central court to be located in, say, Caracas.

I doubt that scenario would be at all welcomed, contemplated or tolerated by the USA, and its for the above type of reasons, and many, many more, that millions of Brits like me want the UK out of the EU.

I want my country to be ruled by people elected by the British people, not by unelected, incompetent bureaucrats in Brussels.

So, may I suggest that Mr. Obstfeld (and President Obama, and any of his would be successors (a scary lot of candidates, although Clinton can probably locate Europe on a map)), take care about what is said in future regarding what we Brits should do with our lives ?

You see, I live in Cyprus, and have lived and worked in some 10 different countries across 3 separate continents in my career as a British chartered accountant. I was even born in the orient and worked, with fluency, in a number of languages. Your senior economist, on the other hand, seems to have spent most of his life in the lecture room and the world of academia which does not, in my humble opinion, give him much of a basis for commenting on the big wide world, and certainly not the UK’s continuance in the EU.


Have a nice day

Yours sincerely

Brian Lait, Larnaca, Cyprus

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