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BoC announces new organisational structure

The Bank of Cyprus Group on Thursday announced its new organisational structure, designed to support the Group’s drive for simplification and synergy across its business.

The following executives make up the Executive Committee and will be reporting directly to the CEO, John Hourican:

Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer, Christakis Patsalides; Chief Risk Officer, Michalis Athanasiou; Finance Director Eliza Livadiotou.

Business activities: Charis Pouangare, Director, Consumer & SME Banking; Panicos Nicolaou, Director, Corporate Banking; Louis Pochanis, Director, International Banking Services, Wealth, Brokerage & Asset Management; Aristos Stylianou, Executive Chairman, Insurance; Nick Fahy, CEO, BoC UK & Channel Islands; Miltos Michaelas, Director, Real Estate Management Unit & Overseas Run Down; Nick Smith, Director, Restructuring & Recoveries.

Chief Risk Officer, Michalis Athanasiou also reports directly to the Board Risk Committee.

The Director of Human Resources, Solonas Matsias, and the Director of Corporate Affairs, Michalis Persianis, will report to the Deputy CEO.



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