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Ministry issues price comparison list for Easter fare

With Easter approaching, the consumer protection service of the commerce ministry, issued a list with comparative prices in basic products traditionally consumed at Easter season.

The list, compares prices on fresh meat, cheese, eggs, and baked flaounes, which is the traditional pastry prepared for Easter.

Prices for flaounes range between €7.29 and €15 per kilo, with the average prices being around €10.60 per kilo.  Cheese used for the flaounes stuffing, ranges between €7.99 and €15.32 per kilo for that made from sheep’s milk, and between €7.65 and €15.90 for cheese made from a mix of goat and sheep’s milk. The average price is €11.80 and €10.76 respectively.

The survey included prices from 92 supermarkets, bakeries and confectioneries, in all districts for flaounes, cheese, halloumi, and eggs.

As regards fresh meat, the average price for lamb or kid is €8.32 per kilo, while prices range between €5.75 and €10 per kilo. The average price for a whole lamb or kid is €7.82 per kilo, but prices have been recorded up to €9.45 per kilo.

Prices for pork neck cutlets, range between €3.39 and €6 per kilo, while the average price for minced pork is €4.73 per kilo.  Minced beef meat is sold, according to the survey, on average at €8.03 per kilo, and boneless beef, top-side, is sold on average at €9.63.  Rabbit is sold on average at €8.67 per kilo, while chicken, whole, on average at €3.75 per kilo.

The survey on fresh meat, included prices of 103 businesses – supermarkets and butcheries – in all districts.

The survey may be found here (Greek only):


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