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Complaints against ‘Vote for new people’ ad

A complaint against a TV ad urging people to vote for new MPs rather than current members of the House in the upcoming parliamentary elections has been lodged with the Cyprus Broadcasting Authority, it emerged on Tuesday.

“Whatever party you vote for, vote only for new people. We are not politicians. We don’t want seats. We want real change,” the ad by Neoi56 (New56) says.

The mastermind behind the campaign is reportedly a successful businessman who for years worked abroad only to return to Cyprus and lose his money during the haircut.

He is operating through an advertising agency and a lawyer’s office.

But chairman of the broadcasting authority Andreas Petrides said nothing can be done as the board found no wrongdoing with the ad so will not intervene.

Whether or not an advertisement is political is determined not by its content but by who pays for it, he said.

In this instance as the person paying for it is not a candidate, the advertisement is not political.

A man speaking to the camera during the 19 second ad says “it is inconceivable to vote for the same people again. There are respectable and worthy candidates outside of the status quo.”

Neoi56 has a Youtube channel which features a series of advertisements calling on people to vote and encouraging the punishment of long standing MPs by replacing them with new people.

A typed message reads “we’ve seen what the current 56 MPs had to give. If you love Cyprus vote only for new people. Whatever party you vote for, vote only for new people.”

Petrides said some ads featured online could be deemed negative but this did not fall under the scope of the broadcasting authority.

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