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Authorities issue new dust warning

The department of labour inspection warned on Sunday of increased dust levels in the atmosphere.

According to an announcement, the average hourly concentration of dust particles in the atmosphere were up significantly and ranged between 69 and 151 μ g / m 3 (microgrammes per cubic metre). “It is therefore expected that the 24-hour average is likely to exceed the corresponding limit value of 50 μ g / m 3 which is fixed under the relevant legislation,” it said.

“Due to the small size of particles and the possible negative effects on human health, members of the public, particularly vulnerable population groups – children, the elderly and patients – are advised to avoid spending time outside until the phenomenon subsides,” the announcement said.

It also recommended that people working outdoors use appropriate means of personal protection, and urged employers to take all necessary measures to protect any staff working on Sunday.

More information and real-time updates can be found at www. airquality.dli.mlsi

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