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Brexit would be a huge mistake

Boris Johnson rubbished the idea of an EU superstate because it was also the ambition of Adolf Hitler. But is it not common sense that the bigger and stronger you are the more influence you have over those around you? Is it not better to be the biggest fish in the pool and be able to eat the smaller fish than the other way round? Is this not the natural law of the jungle?

Particularly in the defence of your country, you are less likely to be threatened /attacked if you are part of a ‘super state’ than if you are weaker militarily than the aggressor. Is it wrong to aim to be like the USA which is the world’ s superpower and dominates the development of the world by its influence?

I sometimes despair at the lack of basic common sense displayed by seemingly intelligent people. If Britain votes for Brexit on June 23, it will the biggest mistake it ever makes. It will be the beginning of the collapse of the British influence in the world stage. It will become a poorer, weaker country and that would be a big shame because Britain can offer so much to the world. If you have the right to vote, it is now more important than ever to exercise that right.

Andy Georgiou, Paphos

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