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Education ministry investigating case of alleged bullying

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The education ministry said on Sunday it was investigating a reported case of bullying at a Limassol school last week that ended with a 13-year-old boy in hospital with a concussion.

The ministry’s Emergency Response Team (OAP), which is designed to intervene in such cases to help schools and offer psychological support to pupils would begin work on the case on Monday.

According to reports, last week a classmate of the 13-year old grabbed him by the neck during gym class, pushed him into a walk and hit him on the head after they had words.

The gym teacher who was present at the time pulled him off and called an ambulance. The boy was take to Limassol hospital where it was found that he has suffered a concussion.

The parents of both boys were called to the school but only the grandfather of the alleged attacker showed up, and reportedly admitted his grandson was prone to temper outbursts.

The mother of the injured boy reported the matter to police.



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