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Woman reports home robbery 10 days later

Jewellery worth about €7,000 was nicked from a house in Athienou on May 13, but the owner only noticed the theft this Sunday, police said on Tuesday.

According to a police report, after being absent from her home for three hours on May 13, the Athienou woman reportedly returned to her house at 12.30pm and noticed that a money box had been moved.

At the time, she claimed she paid no attention. However, she told police on Monday that when she was looking for her jewellery on Sunday she found it had gone missing.

Among the stolen items were gold and platinum rings, a wedding ring, jewellery crosses with chains, necklaces, bracelets, two pairs of earrings and a platinum diamond ring.

Members of the Athienou police force who went to the scene of the crime found that the burglar succeeded in entering the home from an open unsecured aluminium window in the kitchen and left the house after unlocking a kitchen door from the inside.

The house does not have video surveillance or an alarm system.

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