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The trouble with love is…

On Friday night the Russian Ballet Moscowia will fill the Curium Ancient Theatre in Limassol with the pitter-patter of the ballet steps to Nymph Nefeli.

In Greek mythology Nefeli was a cloud nymph, and this mythical image is featured in the song Nefeli’s Tango by the Greek singer Haris Alexiou, on which this ballet is based.

The song tells the story of two little angels who stole the golden piece of cloth that Nefeli used to wear on her head to set her apart from all the other nymphs.

The ballet takes the essence of the song and creates a new story with a young puppeteer as the main character. The puppeteer uses Nefeli in his show and one night after his performance doesn’t go as plans he starts to day dream. He dreams that the beautiful nymph is dancing for him.

Suddenly it starts to rain and a beautiful woman appears, just as quickly as the clouds appeared, and is gone just as quickly.

A true story-teller, the puppeteer tells his friends about what happened. The boys come up with a plan, they will hold a dance competition to lure the girl to take part. Sure enough the plan works. The two main characters fall in love but the nymph like girl cannot stay with the boy as she is from another world.

As with all myths, there is a magical element to the story, the girl can only fly back to this other world when she is wearing her cape. And this is where the song version of the story unites with the ballet version, as the boy steals her cape so that she may not leave him.

We won’t let you in on how it all ends for the nymph but we can tell you that if you like the ballet, a good story and a bit of magic, then get ready for the Russian Ballet Moscowia to truly entertain you.

Nymph Nefeli
Performance by the Russian Ballet Moscowia. June 3. Curium Ancient Theatre, Limassol. 9pm. €15/10. Tel: 99-236057

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