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Noise and air quality ‘satisfactory’ in Nicosia

Dust has been a frequent spectacle in Nicosia, but people are not complaining


A NEW study reveals that 65 per cent of Nicosians are satisfied with the quality of the air in the town, and nearly the same number of residents, or 64 per cent, are happy with the noise level in the capital.

These data for 2015 were published by Eurostat on Friday on the occasion of World Environment Day which is marked around the world on June 5. The question, “Generally speaking, please tell me if you are very satisfied, rather satisfied, rather unsatisfied or not at all satisfied with the quality of the air and the noise level in your city?” was asked in all European Union capitals.

Results show significant disparities between the capital cities, with levels of satisfaction regarding air quality ranging from 22 per cent in Bucharest to 88 per cent in Dublin, Vienna and Helsinki. As in Nicosia, inhabitants are generally satisfied with the quality.

The majority is also satisfied with the noise level. As for the air quality, the lowest satisfaction level is in Bucharest (31 per cent). Nicosia is positioned in the middle, between Lisbon with 66 per cent and Berlin (58 per cent). Dublin registers the highest level of satisfaction with 82 per cent, ahead of Helsinki.

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