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If airport experience is not improved, our next trip could very well be our last

Could someone tell us what is happening at Paphos airport. We returned home from a one-week family holiday on May 25. We arrived at the airport at 12.30pm it took us one hour aand a half to go through security and immigration.

The people in the queues were all complaining about the lack of staff as there were two  security scanners not being used and also two immigration booths not in use. We appreciate that there is a very big concern about terrorism and that checks have to be made, but to be stood in a queue with no air-conditioning was uncomfortable to say the least.

We have been coming to Cyprus for 26 years, sometimes three times a year and this was the worst we have seen with several people saying that they would not be returning to Cyprus again.

Your island is beautiful and the people kind and friendly, please could more staff be employed as you are going to lose more holidaymakers. We are coming back June 22 for two weeks and are not looking forward to our return journey. If it is still the same, this could be our last trip as we can go elsewhere where the check-ins at the airport are still security checked but quicker.

Barry & Ann Hellewell, UK

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