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We non-Brits are tired of hearing about Brexit

I thought that the Cyprus Mail was the main source of information for all foreigners living in Cyprus and the tourists visiting the island.

However it seems that British residents claim ownership of this newspaper.

For the last few months almost the only subject in the commentary pages and the ‘Letters to the Editor’ seems to be the upcoming referendum on the Brexit.

Residents from the UK are using your newspaper to argue with each other about their positions on this subject.

They should find more suitable means to continue their discussions, be it through the social media or forums to be set-up or even through the weekly newsletter of the UKCA.

I am reading the Cyprus Mail because I want to be informed about the local news and developments  in Cyprus.

The comments of the local correspondents about politics in Cyprus and the economy are well documented and highly interesting.

A possible Brexit is an issue only for the voters from the UK. We, as a non British resident readers are not involved and not interested.

We find the opinions about the reunification talks of Cyprus more essential.

Jaap Schipper, Peyia

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