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Fancy primary school graduations ‘an unnecessary financial burden’

Not content with “Last Day of School” T-shirts or diploma shaped biscuits and cakes some primary school parents have decided to go the whole hog with the introduction of university style gowns and hats for their 12-year-olds’ graduation ceremonies.
Apparently an initiative of parents’ associations of certain schools, the move has angered the head of POED, the primary school teachers’ union, who said it was an unnecessary burden on the many parents who were struggling to feed and clothe their kids in the current economic climate.
“These costs in the current crisis when huge efforts are being made to support poor pupils should be avoided. The last thing parents need is to have to buy or rent clothing for primary school passing out ceremonies,” said Philios Filactou
“There is no reason to dress up pupils in robes for their graduations. They do have school uniforms they can wear for these occasions.”

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